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  • How do I contact Akayati Craft Centre?
    Please email and someone will respond within 24 hrs.
  • How do I get the smell out the leather?
    If you have ever noticed a leather smell coming from your leather bags, don't worry, this is normal. Leather naturally has a strong cow-hide smell, and the dyes used on the leather also have their own scent. You can get rid of the odor with just a few simple steps: Problem-Solver #1 - Hang your leather handbag on a clothes line where it can air out. Try to hang it in a shady spot as the sun can damage the leather. You can even get the cigarette smell out by airing it out for a few days! Problem-Solver #2 - Spray 'Citrus Magic' air freshener on your handbag. Avoiding the leather. NOTE: Be careful when mixing too many fragrances, you want to have something that you can enjoy and you won't get tired of after a few months. ** This may also be used to remove the natural smell of the straw baskets.
  • What type of leather do you use?
    Leather products are made from cow or goat.
  • How is straw colored?
    The elephant grass is colored with non-toxic fibers and vegetable dyes to generate all natural colors.
  • Will my order look exactly like the order on the website?
    All of the items shown on our website are hand made. The measurements shown are all approximate. The images will be exact to any items that you receive; but no two are exactly alike. Most people feel that this adds value to a product of this kind.
  • What’s the return policy?
    All sales are final. With that being said, we want every customer to be happy. Please contact us with product questions or concerns.
  • How do I maintain my basket shape?
    To easily reshape your basket, spray lightly with water, (keeping the leather dry), reshape by hand and air dry. Do not saturate. Just spray enough water to soften straw. *Do not dry in direct sunlight for long lasting color retention*
  • How do I receive a discount?
    Join Our Mailing list for new arrivals, vendor events, and discounts.
  • What is the holiday schedule?
    IMPORTANT HOLIDAY SHIPPING INFORMATION: Delivery times will NOT be guaranteed just before any major holiday. There will not be a money-back guarantee for packages shipped during these times.
  • Where do you ship from?
    All orders will be shipped from Gwinnett county in Georgia.
  • How much will shipping cost?
    The domestic shipping is currently a flat fee. If you would like to save on shipping, contact us prior to ordering to discuss. We ship priority USPS, but will change based on customer preference, shipping distance, approximate size and weight of your package.
  • Why did my basket arrive flat?
    We make every attempt to ship all baskets fully shaped. Some baskets may arrive flat packed to help you save on shipping costs. Please see the "basket care & reshaping instructions".
  • How are paintings shipped?
    Option 1: We can take the painting off the frame and ship in a tube to save you shipping costs. We will include the wood in the package so all you need to do is reattach as marked. Option 2: We can ship the painting on the frame. Additional shipping cost will apply.
  • How long will it take my order to get to me?
    USPS Priority mail takes approximately 3- 5 days within the 48 contiguous states and the District of Columbia. Web orders placed before 2 PM EST are shipped USPS on the same day they are received. No shipments are sent out on Saturday, Sunday, or holidays.
  • Do you ship internationally?
    Yes! Please send us a message and we will explain the process to you. 😀
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