Bolga Leather Shoulder Bag 


You will receive the exact bag pictured.


This Bolga basket was handwoven by our Ghanaian family of artisans from "Elephant Grass" (straw). Weavers from Bolgatanga in Ghana, Africa are highly respected across the world for their craftsmanship of these baskets.

The elephant grass is harvested, soaked in water, and twisted into detailed patterns with various colors. Each artisan uniquely designs the style and color of each basket made to perfection.



Artisans use their earnings to put food on the table and pay educational expenses for their children. Your purchase helps with continued generational change and empowers our family in Bolgatanga, Ghana to preserve a cultural heritage hundreds of years old.



Please note that since each basket is handcrafted, no two baskets are alike. Colors, sizes, and patterns will vary. You will have a "one of a kind"!

Bolga Leather Shoulder Bag

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  • To easily reshape your basket, spray lightly with water, (keeping the leather dry), reshape by hand and air dry. 

    Do not dry in direct sunlight for long lasting color retention.

  • We make every attempt to ship all baskets fully shaped. Some baskets may arrive flat packed to help you save on shipping costs.

    Please see the Basket Care & Re-shaping instructions