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~ About Us ~

Akayati Cape Coast Castle
Mr & Mrs Akayati- Cape Coast Store 2017

Mr. & Mrs. Kwesi Akayati at Cape Coast Store 2018

Joseph Akayati

Akayati Craft Centre is a family business founded in Cape Coast, Ghana in 2002.  Owned by two brothers Joseph & Kwesi Akayati and located at the must-see historical Cape Coast Slave Castle, we look forward to providing you with the highest quality African crafts. Check out our store when in Ghana.   

In 2022, Kwesi Akayati opened this online store based in Atlanta, GA. We are best known around the world for our family made, high quality Bolga baskets but offer a variety of authentic African crafts. We bring Ghana tradition to the United States! 


Your purchase will help pay educational fees for children, put food on the table and empowers our family to preserve a cultural heritage hundreds of years old.  

☽ Ethical ✧ Handmade ☽ Natural ✧ Eco-Friendly ☽ Sustainable

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