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Welcome to Akayati Craft Centre!

Updated: Jun 28, 2023


Akayati Craft Centre is best known for our handwoven Bolga baskets and hats but offer various handmade Ghanaian crafts in limited supplies for reasonable prices.

How are Bolga baskets and hats made?

Bolga baskets and hats are handwoven. Weavers from Bolgatanga in Ghana, Africa are highly respected across the world for their craftsmanship of these durable baskets and hats.

Bolga Basket Weavers
Bolga baskets being made - Jan 2022

Baskets and hats are woven from harvested "Elephant Grass", soaked in water, and twisted into detailed patterns with various colors. Each artisan designs the style and color of each item made to perfection. No two are alike. Colors and patterns will vary. You will have a "one of a kind"!

Community Impact

Artisans use their earnings to put food on the table and pay educational expenses for their children. Your purchase helps with continued generational change and empowers our family in Bolgatanga, Ghana to preserve a cultural heritage hundreds of years old.

Thank you for your support

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